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As a ship repair and marine insulation company

in Singapore since 2001 Foam Insitu Services Pte. Ltd. has

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Our expert insulation engineers’ ability to meet the needs of various projects sets Foam Insitu apart from other insulation businesses in Singapore. We specialize in marine insulation and can tailor our solutions to meet your needs since we provide access to skilled support personnel as part of our end-to-end insulation services.

Depending on the quantity of work performed, each insulation job will take longer and cost more; these parameters often increase as operations grow larger. Before providing time and cost estimates for our insulation services, our experts will conduct an assessment of your requirements.

As a recognized insulation provider in Singapore, we are qualified to handle the insulation of machinery with odd shapes. Our engineers will accurately measure all surfaces that require insulation before creating a custom-designed material to ensure complete covering.

The type of insulation used, the operational circumstances of your building, and the insulation contractor you engage with all have an impact on how frequently maintenance is required. As part of our insulation services at Foam Insitu, we recommend inspection and maintenance at least once every three years, although more frequent maintenance is desirable. This is especially true for maritime and offshore industrial activities, which is why we incorporate routine maintenance in our end-to-end solutions.

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